At PoplusCon several people quite forcibly insisted that I should start blogging again. In general I don’t do particularly well with whispering random thoughts into the void of the internet — my primary blog has had a grand total of two posts in the last four years, with one draft sitting atop them that begins:

It’s almost two years now since my last post here. I’ve had a lot of gaps in my ten years of writing here, but each one seems to get progressively longer. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing at all — people who know me probably know at least some of the other places where my thoughts have been escaping in the interim.

But I’ve also been convinced by Martin Keegan that I’m sitting on a mountain of intellectual debt, particularly in the area of collaborative cross-jurisdictional composable civc software. So this is my attempt to rectify that. Of course, trying to even explain what that jumble even means should probably keep me busy for quite a while…


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